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Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT for Men & Women

HRT for Women

The days of women dealing with all of the symptoms and changes of perimenopause or menopause should be over. These symptoms are known to be from significant hormone changes and imbalances. Often, women are told that hormone replacement is dangerous and causes “more harm than good.” This is simply false. Now, some women because of certain medical conditions or their medical history might not be candidates for HRT. However, most women are good candidates and will benefit from some level of HRT.

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Women, like men, experience changes in libido, muscle mass, weight gain, energy levels in addition to hot flashes, dry skin, and more. These changes can be helped or fixed by hormone replacement. It is true men have much more testosterone than women, but did you know testosterone is one of the most biologically active hormones in women? Meaning, a little bit of testosterone goes a long way. Testosterone therapy has been proven safe and effective for women. No, you will not develop a beard and appear more masculine. You in fact will feel more feminine, young, and energetic.

Everything is a balance, at MEDHERO we will check all of your hormone levels and offer BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to treat your specific levels. BioIdentical means the chemical formulas are exactly the same as the hormones that have been in your body your entire life. NO HORSE OR SYNTHETIC HORMONES HERE. These hormones will include testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, thyroid, and more. We also offer customized vitamin replacement and support that often affect our hormone levels.

It’s time to fix your sleep, energy level, muscle and skin quality, libido, and more. Give us a call and schedule a lab evaluation and consultation now — 949-218-4455.

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HRT for Men

As we age, men experience changes in desire, sleep, energy levels, and more. This often is written off as “normal aging.” At MEDHERO, we are committed to helping patients’ age gracefully — we do not need to give in to lower libido, loss of muscle mass, poor sleep and other symptoms that are associated with “aging.” These symptoms are often the result of declining hormone levels, specifically testosterone. Many people experience mild symptoms such as poor concentration, poor sleep, weight gain and more as we age. These can be helped or fixed with simple hormone replacement.

MEDHERO only uses BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). This means we only replace one’s testosterone with testosterone that matches our natural testosterone chemically. NO HORSE TESTOSTERONE. Since, our testosterone matches our natural testosterone there are rarely any side effects and the risks traditionally mentioned with testosterone replacement do not exist.

Call and schedule your initial lab evaluation and consultation. You will meet with one of our own local board certified doctors to customize a plan right for you. Some patients will not need testosterone and we can start with prescribed medication that naturally increases a patient’s testosterone. Hormones that may be recommended included testosterone, hCG, enclomiphene, pregnenolone, DHEA, etc. Hormones will be provided in the form of pellets, pills, gel, cream, patches, and/or injections. Every patient is unique in their concerns and symptoms — we will craft your treatment for you. MEDHERO takes into account your age, symptoms, lab levels, history and more to customize a safe and effective treatment.

If you want more energy, muscle gain, fat loss, improved sleep, improved libido, better concentration, better skin quality, and more give us a call at 949-218-4455.

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